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Our Mission

At Pet2DAO, our mission is to leverage the transformative power of blockchain technology to create a more secure, transparent, and efficient corporate structure. Our first use case is animal health and medicine, but our vision extends far beyond this industry. We aim to  integrate blockchain technology throughout the corporate structure, and our name, Pet2DAO, reflects this goal. Our approach to corporate governance is grounded in the principles of decentralization and transparency. By utilizing DAO technology, we enable our community to play an active role in shaping the future companies they are invested in.

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Pet2DAO is building a revolutionary platform that empowers stakeholders and streamlines internal processes. Our platform offers two key features: tokenized voting for stakeholders and a more efficient way to structure internal processes.

Tokenized Voting:
Our tokenized voting system is a modern and efficient way for stakeholders to voice their opinions on company matters. Using digital tokens (PDAO), makes the voting process more accessible and convenient for stakeholders, and can vastly reduce the cost of holding shareholder approval. Votes are all recorded on an immutable ledger providing greater transparency and security for all involved.

Efficient Internal Processes:

Pet2DAO offers a more efficient way to structure internal processes using NFT identity cards and blockchain technology. This innovative system enables employees to replace traditional tools like docusign, making internal processes more streamlined and secure. The NFT identifiers give different access and approvals to employees, and all actions are recorded on an immutable ledger.

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PDAO holders can submit and vote on proposals here.

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